We create biomaterials and packaging to replace plastics in demanding applications.

All the benefits of plastic, without the environmental downsides.

No petroleum.

No microplastics.

No tradeoffs.

100% biodegradable, biobased and renewable materials that can replace traditional petroleum-derived plastics and packaging for endless applications. 

Once disposed of, they will fully break down in any natural environment, including marine, leaving behind zero microplastics.

Cove Water team

PHAs can be found in almost all life on earth: plants, soil, even our own bodies. They offers all the functional benefits of plastic without the disastrous environmental impacts.

Our Capablities

We help leading global brands transition to sustainable materials, from concept to launch.

Accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable materials.

Accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable materials.

Proprietary AI-Powered Development Tools

Scalable Manufacturing Network & Expertise

Advanced Sustainable Packaging & Process Design

State of The Art Materials Characterization Lab

Our Development Process


Starting with our proprietary AI development tools we rapidly develop biomaterials formulations to fit any application or process, tailoring to your specific performance and technical specifications.


Our patented compounding processes create high performance biomaterials that rival the performance of traditional plastics, offering a sustainable solution to plastic pollution. 


Using our manufacturing network we can ramp up production of your finished product to bring new solutions to market at scale.


We are looking to partner with industry leaders to create planetary change.