Cove's Next Chapter

Progress Update
October 4, 2023

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At the end of last year we achieved an enormous milestone: launching the world's first biodegradable bottle with our test launch. This wasn't just a product hitting the shelves—it was a vision coming to life.

We were overwhelmed by the engagement from our community. Our launch generated hundreds of millions of impressions following a viral reaction online with some notable fans and media outlets posting about the product, underscoring the latent demand for real sustainability. The buzz created around our test launch piqued the interest of some of the world's largest consumer brands. This led to some pivotal conversations and then partnerships that have required us to rethink the scope and scale of Cove’s business.

While our original plan was to launch our own products before later collaborating with larger entities, the immense demand from these global brands to adopt our technology today has shifted our approach. So we're thrilled to announce today that Cove has started to open up its technology and IP to a select group of partners.

Going forward Cove will focus on creating sustainable packaging and materials for the world’s most iconic global brands. We see that partnering with these established brands with global distribution allows us to scale our technology even faster.

There’s a lot of excitement about this too from investors: we just closed an oversubscribed round of funding led by Valor Siren Ventures, with participation from notable funds, celebrities, and family offices. We also moved our R&D lab and facility to a new location in Southern California.

We have some big announcements and updates coming in the next few months and we can't wait to share more with you soon.

-The Cove Team